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We keep the community of your customers always with you

The community of people managed by the management company and the representatives of the apartment owners is naturally self-maintained in our application and you have access to your active community of customers.

Our Customers


Our partners

Mobile and web app made especially for your project

Provide more than just an flat or house. Provide housing that is a home and cohabitation solution at the same time. Build your brand together with our application in the design of your project / brand.

Fast application deployment without development costs

Don't waste time and money on designing, developing and implementing your own solution. We will adjust the existing solution to your requirements and deploy it within one month.


Maintain communication with your customers and inform them about housing options.

Be an innovator and help build the Smart Cities

Smart houses, streets and cities. Outrun your competitors with innovative solutions and show your customers how they can push the boundaries of living further.


Vote electronically

E-voting allows managers to create electronic voting and notify residents via email and SMS of the need to vote. With regular notifications to residents who have not voted yet, we achieve a turnout of over 80%.


Targeted and direct communication with the active community of your customers


Owners representatives can conduct a survey to gauge preliminary interest, opinion or evaluations from residents

Branding design of your project

Updated list of your customers

Key metrics tracking and reporting

Feedback from users

We look forward to meet you

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