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We increase the quality of your living

Reporting issues, transparent communication, tracking costs and being informed about what is happening in your neighborhood. Everything in one place for your house / flat.

Availability on your address

Do you have any issues in the common spaces?

We will process it and automatically send it directly to the maintenance service. Once the issue is resolved, we will notify you and manager of community.

Important notices directly to your mobile

You will receive a notification about all important information and you will not miss anything.

Decide how your money will be used

Vote in polls and decide on common topics together with your neighbors and do not let others decide instead of you.

Keep energy consumption and your payments under control

Monitor water, heat and other consumption costs of in apartment and keep your costs under the control.

All documents in one place

You will always find contracts, amendments, regulations, inventories and all documents related to housing in our application.


Immediate notices

Immediate online notices and urgent notifications

Reporting issues

Simple reporting of the issues and status monitoring of their solution

Online board

All the most important and up-to-date information aggregated in one place as soon as you log in.

Voting and polls

Document sharing

Cost overview

Activate your house for free

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