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We are changing condominium communications and voting to digital.

Electronic voting, announcements, surveys, documents, fault reporting, debtor management, smart meter integrations, contact management, chat - all features you need for happy living since 2016.

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Availability on your address


Vote electronically

E-voting allows managers to create electronic voting and notify residents via email and SMS of the need to vote. With regular notifications to residents who have not voted yet, we achieve a turnout of over 80%.

Immediate notices

Immediate online notices and urgent notifications

Reporting issues

Reporting issues with automated routing to service


Owners representatives can conduct a survey to gauge preliminary interest, opinion or evaluations from residents


Simple selection of the range of your communication: part of house, whole building, block, etc.

Online board

All the most important and up-to-date information aggregated in one place as soon as you log in.

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